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 ZYCOAT 19013 ZyCor Bitchin Black Color Coat 13 oz Aerosol
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ZYCOAT 19013 ZyCor Bitchin Black Color Coat 13 oz Aerosol

Package size L*W*H
7.75in X 2.50in X 2.50in
Weight 1.17lbs

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ZYCOAT 19013
Paint, ZyCor, Bitchin Black, 13 oz Aerosol, Each

  • Do-It-Yourself, high temperature corrosion resistant and color stable primer.
  • - Easy to apply aerosol.
  • - Apply as a top coat over ZyCor Primer exhaust, manifold, headers, turbos or engine on color coats, ZyBar heat dissipation coatings or ZyClear.
  • - ZyCor has been tested and proven to perform in automotive, heavy truck and off-road.
  • - ZyCor outperforms ceramics and other high temperature spray coatings for corrosion resistance (over 5000 hours of salt spray testing) at a fraction of the cost.
  • - ZyCor is recommended for marine and motorcycle applications.
  • - ZyCor is both an air dry (8 hours) or oven cure (350F for 30 minutes).
  • - If used as a top coat do not oven cure the primer prior to applying the ZyCor color coat. Allow primer to dry 30 minutes and apply ZyCor color coat.
  • - ZyCor Primer Comes in Gray color and ZyCor color coats are available in Porsche Gray, Gasser White or Bitchin Black.
  • - ZyCor Primer and ZyCor color coats are applied 1.0-1.2 mils thickness (25-30 microns).
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